PowerCranks Basic

PowerCranks Basic
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  • Item #: PCB
PowerCranks Basic PowerCranks' most popular crank. The quality of the one-way clutch on this crank is the same as their most expensive model. The crank-arm is sold in 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175 and 177.5mm lengths. We can fit this crank to your road bike provided you know the type of Bottom Bracket and Spider. This crank also works with the LeMond RevMaster and Velotron stationary bikes (other stationary bikes are modifiable provided they have a standard Bottom Bracket and are chain driven). This model is available with a "lock-out" option to allow the user to convert the crank into a "regular" fixed crank if you really need that option (we don?t encourage it).
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Price $869.99