Fitness Concepts Quarterly Coaching Program

Fitness Concepts Quarterly Coaching Program
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This is our most cost effective coaching program. We develop customized training schedules to get you to race day ready to perform to your potential. We will review your training and racing history, seasonal goals, strengths and weaknesses and produces schedules customized to your unique physiology, schedule, goals and experience. We will then go over the schedule with you to make sure you understand all the nuances. This program does not provide ongoing contact after the schedule is delivered and explained.

Schedules will include:

Specific daily workouts, based on duration, intensity, and technique concentration.

Race day nutrition guidelines for your priority events

Drills to help you develop more efficient techniques

A number of articles on topics that will help with your training and racing.

This program provides high level coaching at an affordable rate.

Three month training schedules

Formal consult quarterly

VO2 tests and technique lessons at one-third off normal price

Client rates at all clinics, seminars, and special events

Annual Training Plan at no additional fee and start-up fee waived with 12-month prepaid contract

$90 per month plus a one time $100 start-up fee. Start-up fee must be purchased separately.

Start-up fee waived with 12-month prepaid contract (add 12 program units to cart at one time).

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Price $90.00