Fitness Concepts Premium Coaching Program

Fitness Concepts Premium Coaching Program
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For the athlete who wants to take full advantage of our services, this program provides the greatest interaction with the coach. Athletes will speak with the coach weekly, allowing for the most precise adjustments to training. Testing, bike fit, nutrition plans, clinics and seminars, and all services are included in a single price.

Annual training plan

Monthly training schedules

Weekly formal consult by phone or in person

Constant email communication

Contact will be at both the athlete's and the coach's initiative.

Free technique lesson quarterly

Free registration at any Fitness Concepts clinic, seminar, or special event

Free VO2 test quarterly

Altitude chamber and hyperbaric chamber sessions as needed

Minimum commitment 3 months

$300 per month ($400/month for Head Coach Ken Mierke) plus a one time $100 start-up fee. Start-up fee must be purchased separately.

Start-up fee waived with 6-month prepaid contract (add 6 program units to cart at one time).

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Price $400.00