PowerCranks xLite Adjustable

PowerCranks xLite Adjustable
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You want all the bells and whistles? This is for the competitive athlete who wants choices of crank-arm length. This model not only offers the approximately 125g saving in weight per per crank-arm, it easily adjusts from 165mm to 180mm in crank-arm length. Do I need this model? All the reasons for Adjustable and xLite apply to your decision: You plan on doing specific drills for cross-training (as do many of our triathletes) You plan to share the same set of cranks with other people You would like to identify proper crank length (bikes often come with a 172.5mm standard crank-arm length, but is that right for you?) You are buying the cranks for young athletes who will grow with the same set of cranks Bike weight is important to you You plan to compete with your set of PowerCranks We can fit this crank to your road bike provided you know the type of Bottom Bracket and Spider. This crank also works with the LeMond RevMaster and Velotron stationary bikes (other stationary bikes are modifiable provided they have a standard Bottom Bracket and are chain driven). This model is available with a "lock-out" option to allow the user to convert the crank into a "regular" fixed crank if you really need that option (we don?t encourage it).
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Price $1,169.00